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Our Values

Our Values

Our Collection is unlike any other. The uniqueness of our institution is represented by our motto "Once you stop striving to be better, you stop being good" whose values are: Family, Authenticity, Trustworthy, Joy, Subtlety, Humility, Creativity.

Family: As a member of a strong team, you are committing yourself with determination and respect.

Authenticity: Your smile is authentic and your actions reflect your personality and your engagement.

Trustworthy: You deserve the trust of our guests and you are a loyal team member.

Joy: You work with enthusiasm and harmony.

Subtlety: Your service is defined by your friendliness and discretion. You anticipate the desires of our guests.

Humility: You seek to outdo yourself for the well-being of our guests rather than for praise.

Creativity: You are open to new ideas and think out of the box.